Thursday, December 10, 2009

Girl's Night Out

Dress: H&M $14.95
Shoe: Spring (retail price:$59.99) SALE $24.99
Bag: H&M $12.95
Bangles: H&M $7.95
Jacket: Forever21 (Can't remember the price)


  1. I need to check out HnM for that dress. I can never find a dress like that for 14! I was just there too!

  2. hi! i have a company party coming up. it's at a hotel. do you think you could do a video for that? do you think a dress like the one you're wearing is appropriate?

  3. When I did a blog entry about night-out fashions (called "Party Time!"), I saw your video for some inspiration on dresses for a night out. That was a great video. (John's Blog Space)