Monday, October 19, 2009

Nail Polish Review

If there is a large numbers of request for FRENCH MANICURE a tutorial will soon to follow.

Pink Shock 90, Go Go Green 900, Sunset Prisms 330, Brassy 230

Maybelline's line of 50seconds nail color is not as impressive as I hoped for it to be, but there are certain colors which comes off better than the others. Once again we must take into consideration that this nail polish dries quickly therefore we cannot expect the same textures as other nail colors. With that said, the two color that comes off quite well is Pink Shock 90 and Brassy 230. The other two color failed for me, they came off dull and requires too many layers for the color to show.

57 Lavender Marquis

Very gentle to the eyes, the color requires about 2-3 coats, and takes some time to dry, but comes off great. This one doesn't survive long on my fingers.

55 Tolerant Taupe, 54 Wishful White

Similar to the Lavender (above) expect 2 coats will do

03 Dazzling, 08 Glossy

These two color is fabulous. I love everything about it, great quality, pigmented, doesn't give you such a hard time, and stays on strong. Except when removing it, be real careful.

02 BLU, 05 Lite

The BLU failed me, the color is not HD at all, it is actually quite dull. The LITE is a different story, 2 coats and the color is vibrant, finally a great yellow color that flatters the fingers.

08 Deep Purple, 04 Blue Me Away

24 Black Out, 23 Marine Scene

This line "HARD AS NAILS" is great. I love it, it dries fast, and the color doesn't chip away.

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